The Russian barbarian invasion known as “full scale War (with missile attacks, warplanes overhead, lines of tanks and armed people on the streets of your city … )” is not something you can be prepared for in advance as an Agile Product Development Group … But you have to :silly_face:

After the shock of the first few weeks, relocation (where it was needed), and making sure that family members are in a safer place, we started moving back to work to deliver on promises and to stay sane as well. For most of our people, it was definitely the hardest year in our career (and whole life): Working from bomb shelters and underground stations with continuous sound of air raid sirens … Monstrous news … Oil crisis … Fear of nuclear attack … Days of blackouts … Weeks of almost no electricity … And we are still working & delivering increments, we are adapting and experimenting with new approaches.

For many years I was a big believer that co-location and psychological safety are key ingredients for better collaboration, productivity and ability to innovate (which is most likely – true). But what about Ukrainian Agile Teams during the full scale War? Based on a survey and several interviews with representatives of different organizations I want to share with you:

  • What were the main challenges for usual way of working?
  • What helped them to deliver and stay productive?
  • What helped people to stay sane and committed?
  • What are the Key Learning Outcomes?

Can’t wait to see you live there!
Glory to Ukraine! :flag-ua:
Thank you LALDN23:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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