For every three people who feel they are flourishing or getting by in life, there are two who are languishing or struggling. It is very likely that we all know at least one person that is affected or that we are one of the two ourselves.

People today face a range of issues affecting their mental wellbeing, such as rising inflation, cost-of-living crisis, concerns over climate change, geopolitical tensions, stress at work, struggling with uninspiring managers and leaders. How should we cope with all of these if we are feeling anxious, unhappy or tired?

Azra and Maren have both been there. They will be telling their personal stories and what helped them to flourish again. They will reveal the tools they use for their own sanity and what helps the leaders, the teams and the organizations they work with to thrive again!

The session will be highly interactive. Both women are TBR (Training from the back of the room) evangelists, so be prepared to talk, think, experience yourself – because people learn best when they are actively engaged.

Let’s make the world a happier place! Come to the session and let’s start it. Right here. Right now. Together.

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