Lean Agile London is a not-for-profit conference focused on supporting our community of practitioners and enthusiasts. We have sold out in all our 7 previous years. Buy your tickets now! We keep the ticket prices as low as possible and much lower than similar conferences in London.

That also means that we operate an incremental budget. As we sell more tickets, we can add more features and perks to the conference. Things like a second track, additional food, conference t-shirts or carbon offsetting the conference only become possible with your support.

Buying tickets as early as possible helps us plan the conference increments beyond our MVC (Minimum Viable Conference).

Tickets are available for purchase online or via purchase orders and invoices.

Fixed Date Tickets – Available Now

We SOLD OUT on all the previous seven years of LLKD and we have already sold 75% of the LALDN20 capacity.

So, don’t leave it too late and take the risk of not getting tickets. To help you decide to buy your tickets early, we will increase the ticket price as the conference date approaches.

These 40 tickets are available for £350 + VAT until 21 Apr 2020

Intangible Tickets – Sold Out

Lean Agile London is mainly about the community. This is the 8th year of the conference (previously known as London Lean Kanban Days) and we will bring together some of the most prominent thought leaders, practitioners and enthusiasts with a top-quality programme of talks in a superb venue.

If you are ready to book the conference before we start publishing the list of speakers or the schedule, then you can grab one of the very limited tickets available now.

Intangible tickets available for only £200 + VAT until 18 Dec 2019.
WIP Limit of 40.

Standard Tickets – Sold Out

As soon as we run out of Intangible tickets (or the speaker list and programme start taking shape) we will make the Standard tickets available.

These tickets will be available for £250 + VAT until 29 Feb 2020.
WIP Limit of 70.

Expedite Tickets

Leaving it really late? Planning a conference is tough and buying tickets at the very last minute can create a ripple-effect of activity for the organisers, caterers and the venue. So, for those leaving it as late as the last 7 days before the conference, the Expedite tickets are for you. However, they come at a cost!

These tickets will be available for £450 + VAT from 21 Apr 2020