UncategorizedWebinar: Suddenly Virtual – Tips to run awesome virtual events

Webinar: Suddenly Virtual – Tips to run awesome virtual events

Vast swathes of our workforce are suddenly forced to work remotely and we are having to learn quickly how to adapt our working practices to virtual environments. We co-hosted an event with The Future of Work in Scotland where Jose Casal and JP Bayley ran through some tips on how to run awesome virtual events. …


Webinar: Scaling Lean Agile Metrics Across Your Software Company with Heidi Helfand & Tim Doherty

We hosted our 2nd Lean Agile London virtual webinar on Thurs 02 April. We had the author of Dynamic Reteaming: The Art and Wisdom of Changing Teams Hedi Helfand live from Los Angeles and Tim Doherty live from Santa Barbara. In this webinar Heidi and Tim discuss their experiences at Procore and share advice, give …

MeetupGus Bjorkeroth, CEO of Radtac

Gus Bjorkeroth, CEO of Radtac – Beyond the IR35 panic: A consultancy’s view

This Lean Agile London and BCS Agile meetup was an open discussion with Radtac’s CEO Gus Bjorkeroth on the upcoming IR35 legislation. Radtac are a well-established Agile training and consultancy business that manages a large network of associates and works with a range of companies in a variety of industries across the globe. DISCLAIMER Gus …

VideosClark Ching

Clarke Ching Webinar: The Bottleneck Rules – The Advanced Guide to #AgilePlusToC for Beginners

We hosted our first Lean Agile London virtual Meetup on February 20th. We’re pleased with the result. The session attracted people from all over Europe which was really great. Clarke dialled in from New Zealand to tell us all about Bottlenecks. He discussed Theory of Constraints and his FOCCCUS formula for dealing with bottlenecks along …

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