Predicting Teams at Risk: Team Dashboarding @ Scale – From Excel to MVP

When there’s only so much coaching and mentoring support to go round, where do you focus your efforts? And given the variety of challenges, what kind of support is best suited? How can you help teams spot risks, highlight their wins and communicate them effectively, so that their customers know they are in hands of a team that really cares about business outcomes?

At a global services company, in just one of our practice areas, core development, we have around 200 team engagements running at any one time. We never know what ALM, CI/CD, static analysis or other tools we’ll be encountering or how well they’ve been set up. Plus the majority of the time, direct access and visibility to them is limited.

During this experience report, you’ll no doubt identify with some of the challenges that we’ve faced as we develop an internal dashboarding product, that evolves from more traditional governance to one that is influenced by key concepts from “Accelerate” and Troy Magennis “Six Dimensions of Team Performance”. Why we have done it, using a real lean business case (examples of which seem to be few and far between), including the benefits and struggles of finding funding to develop and test an idea. And finally, some early signs from our MVP to indicate we might be on the right track. But how to know if we are going down an evil path!?

This is very much an ongoing learning experience so your feedback will be very much appreciated into some fundamental questions along the way.

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