You, (yes, you, reading this right now), are endlessly creative.
Especially when you’re in a tight spot.

Do you frequently feel that you don’t have enough people / money / time? That you’ve no idea how to do that one thing you need to do?

Perhaps you think that coming up with creative solutions to problems (technical or otherwise) couldn’t possibly be enhanced by the very problems and restrictions that caused the problem in the first place?

We know differently. We know that inside your head you have not just an answer to that problem, but the coolest, most elegant solution imaginable!

Perhaps you don’t believe us. Perhaps you feel that creativity is
fine for ‘creative’ types, but not for techies. Or managers. Or
[insert another label here]. Perhaps you believe stories can’t
possibly unlock better thinking mechanisms in our brains… after all, they are just stories.

We will show you, in ninety shiny minutes, how you could write an outline for your very own novel. You won’t need to bring anything beforehand or do any prior thinking. We will do this by supplying you with constraints on your novel plot. We will even give you the pen and paper to create upon.

It’ll be tight, we’re not going to lie, but you will discover how
leaning into the restrictions we give you makes this creation not only possible but a great deal better because of those restrictions.

We both believe that once you have experienced this approach to creativity in action (and marvelled at the sheer brilliance of your story outline that didn’t even exist two hours ago, and that you absolutely did not care about just one hour ago), you’ll be wondering if applying this to other things could become addictive. You might even start looking for those constraints.

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