Maybe you have been working with Kanban recently? Or setting up some sort of process for example? Did you ever wonder, why it makes such a difference not only to have that clarifying discussion on our processes and structures – which makes a huge difference already, but how we set up exactly the process or even the Kanban board? And even more – do you use structures and patterns as a means in itself already?

In my talk I will look into the impact of structures on us because of how our brain is processing the information at the one hand and how we can utilize that for our work with people, teams or organizations. It is all about different patterns, what they trigger and how we can use that.

What will be your take away? You might think afterwards – “well, somehow I knew about it, but she is right. We should use structures more strategically to help us and others to do our work of improving how we work and with that improve our outcomes – seemingly without any effort. Its cool to have that idea and the example at hand now.” Hope seeing you.

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