How to expand your horizons and have more options, whatever happens – in conversations, in transformations.

Executive, manager, core contributor or coach, we all learned to see things through certain lenses, do things in certain ways and be a certain person.

What we learned to see, do and be… may limit your impact now.

We are what we repeatedly do. This makes us great. But if we repeatedly do the same always, we may miss out opportunities to have the “right intervention”. Yet, we can only intervene on what we see. And without distinctions, it is impossible to see.

In this talk, we will explore distinctions to give you range, and freedom to choose:

  • explore practical ways to expand, improve and enrich what you see beyond usual lenses,
  • access a range of ways to intervene on what you see, beyond coaching, training and facilitation, and
  • explore a range of archetypes and postures, to become whatever is missing, needed and wanted, in your counterparts, in the room, here and now.

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