As many teams and organizations experimented with Work From Home over the last 2 years, so did our use of office communications translate to an abundance of Online meetings. An average knowledge worker spends at least 40% of their working hours on video meetings. This synchronous collaboration of endless Zoom and Teams meetings can lead to feelings of being overwhelmed at the least, in some cases, to complete burnout.

But there is a cure – We can summarize it in 2 steps:

  1. Shifting our use of time to more asynchronous, non-real-time collaboration
  2. Moving from verbal collaboration to visual, document-and workflow based collaboration

This talk will resonate with many of You in the kanban community already committed to the power of visual workflows. We will aim to inspire and challenge You a bit further towards the edges and explore:

  • How might we default to asynchronous first use of Kanban?
  • What might be the benefits – both personal and organisational – if we do that?

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