Let’s take on the challenge of how to build outcome driven organisations to create innovative products, allow people the time and space to be creative, and how to apply pragmatic innovation at scale.

Organisations are threatened with being disrupted if they don’t disrupt themselves first. Yet they struggle to get out of their own way. Gabrielle will discuss why innovation is a necessity, a look at the disruptors threatening the fundamental ways we do business, and how to create a sustainable innovation strategy. 

An interactive session with a mix of stories of innovation applied to pivoting a London restaurant, and the very foundations of how traditional companies are designing their systems for innovation. Interact with your fellow conference attendees to share your own challenges and ideas. 

Learning outcomes

  • Why innovation is an imperative, not a choice.
  • The challenges traditional organisations face bringing innovation into their culture.
  • How to use outcomes to create the right environment for innovation.
  • Win prizes. Giveaways of the Mobius trigger cards.

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