Are you curious about the minimum viable light-weight metrics that can help teams and organizations focus on? 

▪︎ delivery of valuable bets
▪︎ managing the arrival and departure rates of their work
▪︎ creating less overwhelm in the system of work and reduce burnout
▪︎ Improving the time it takes to get things done
▪︎ better visualise where your blockers exist and how to help systematically manage and resolve them in an effective way
▪︎ Metaphors and dancing with Data and making meaningful insights to help us move to ‘better”: I’ll give you a clue, I’ll be sharing the metaphor of Flamigos.

Why join this talk?


Would you like to know more about why Flamingos can help us better understand the key concepts around Flow. Learn tips and tricks on how we can experiment and to invite people to improve the flow of value in our organizations.


With extensive experiments with over 500 global teams, Haroon will share a Flow navigation guide for how to get started and how to take your TransFLOWmation to the next level.


We have flow charts that help us identify how we are flowing, now what do we do? How do we co-create the spaces to socialise flow with managers and leaders? 

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