Change Mapping (previously known as Maturity Mapping) is an approach that visualises how work is done in your teams and organisation to uncover the changes you need to make and enable you to focus your improvement efforts where they will make the biggest impact.

Given its basis in Social Practice Theory, Change mapping is widely applicable. To date it has been used to:

  • Focus retrospectives and help teams improve their day to day working practices.
  • Help a senior leadership team develop governance practices that transitioned their organisation from a project to a product model.
  • Provide greater insight into team capabilities enabling a financial organisation to make better strategic platform decisions.
  • Help business operations leaders develop a model to understand their teams capabilities and help them focus their improvement efforts.
  • Enable change consultants to quickly make sense of the organisations they are working with and more effectively support change.
  • Grow a team of teams from a first great team.

In this condensed 60 minute workshop you’ll get insights into how you:

  • Identify your work practices.
  • Describe them and develop a shared understanding of them.
  • Understand the relationships between them.
  • Map them to visualise their current fitness for purpose.
  • Identify the most effective experiments that will improve your situation.

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