Creative Constraints

You, (yes, you, reading this right now), are endlessly creative.Especially when you’re in a tight spot. Do you frequently feel that you don’t have enough people / money / time? That you’ve no idea how to do that one thing you need to do? Perhaps you think that coming up with creative solutions to problems …

Getting Unstuck: Playful Techniques for Agile Coaching Effectiveness

Do you ever feel stuck with your Agile coaching style? Expand your coaching range, and amplify effectiveness by sprinkling some playfulness into your Agile Coaching Growth Wheel. Already using cards, games or Lego in your coaching? This mini-workshop will offer you playful coaching tools that require no packing! Drawing inspiration from Co-Active coaching and Liberating …

Neuro-Agile Transformation: Unleashing Brain Power for Learning and Change

In navigating the journey of business agility, effective training isn’t just beneficial—it’s essential. It equips employees with the vital skills required for the anticipated agile environment. However, the success of the journey towards Agility relies on the quality of training provided. When thoughtfully prepared and rooted in neuroscience, training doesn’t just inform—it transforms, acting as …

From Clueless to Clarity

Gaining clarity is a challenge that we all face! In this session Marcus from WorkVisible Studios will walk you through a few simple visual tools that can help you see through the fog, understand what’s going on and communicate it effectively.

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