Next we have Carmen Knippenberg. Carmen is an Agile Coach with Robert Bosch Power Tools where she has been instrumental in the use of Flight Levels to help the business become agile.

Q. How would you describe yourself?

A. I live and burn for the agile values and mindset. Therefore, I took over the challenge as a project team member to transform a hierarchical company into an agile organization. I learned to accept and love the pains, which comes from such a huge change. And I experienced to accept a 80% solution as a sufficient solution. Lifelong learning came into daily reality by implementing the agile mindset and methods in our company.

I work now as an Agile Coach and it is great to be active part of the continuous process improvement. I am thankful that I got the chance to build up and maintain the business agility in our business unit.

My (daily) question is “Did I add value to my company”? This strives me forward to support the people in the company during this change and to challenge them to ask themselves the same question.

In our talk – together with Jochen – we would like to show you what we did so far with a 20,000 people organization in order to become a real agile organization and how we implemented our Strategy and the Business Agility. This is one part of the story. The other is to learn from the audience how they did it, which experience they made and which recommendations we could take away.

Q. In your opinion, what is the most exciting thing happening in your industry right now?

A. It is the question of a lot of companies esp. in Germany whether and how they should transform into an agile or lean organization.

Q. Why should people come to Lean Agile London 2020?

A. For networking, for exchange experiences, for getting energy to continue with the agile transformation.

Q. What is your favourite thing about London?

A. I have never been to London before, so I cannot tell you what it could be. But I plan to visit London with my husband maybe in Autumn this year.

Q. Why should people come to your talk at Lean Agile London 2020?

A. For the same reason I think people should come to Lean Agile London (see above).

Q. What are you most looking forward to at Lean Agile London 2020?

A. For me it is meeting a lot of interesting people, get into exchange and learn from them as well as get back to our agile transformation full of power.

Carmen will be speaking with her colleague Jochen Goeser at Lean Agile London at 11:10 on Tuesday 28th April 2020 in the Bridge Room of Glaziers Hall.

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